Sound Check – Test Your Speakers

Are your speakers working? You can test your speakers below.

If there is a need to do a headphone test, then the easiest way is to find the right track or video online. Most often, a headphone test is required when there is doubt about whether both emitters play equally loudly. We found the most suitable video for checking headphones “left-right”: briefly, in the case, nothing more.

Click to Test left and right channels.

This test online is suitable for testing any headphones and headsets, be it full-size, intra-channel or any other. For speakers is also suitable. After this test online, you can go on to check the sound, but it’s better to check the quality while offline.

If you hear the sound not in the center, but with a deviation, left or right, then you can easily understand which speaker is malfunctioning.

Testing headphones for sound quality – with music – Actual for speakers (stereo)

The easiest way to check your headphones for quality is to test your music online. Yes, it’s better, of course, to download, but if your headphones are not of the highest quality, then something from Youtube, for example, may well come up. There is a rather high-quality version on Youtube, an interesting option for checking the sound quality of headphones online.

Checking the headphone frequency range

The test for the width of the reproduced frequencies only partially shows the sound quality of the headphones, since the human ear is not susceptible to frequencies that go beyond the range of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz, this is very interestingly written here: Technical characteristics of good headphones.

Sound Bass Test

This bass test is relevant for all types of headphone designs: overhead, full-size, in-ear plugs and even earbuds. The bass test is that at normal volume, there should be no cracking, rattling, blockages, excessive humming and other unwanted sounds.

This test is also relevant when testing old headphones. If the membrane of old or new headphones is even a little deformed or defective, you will hear it in the form of crackling or rattling. When checking the sound should be clean and uniform, during the growth of sound, for all 20 seconds.

Checking the sound delay in the headphones

Sometimes you need to do a headphone delay test. Usually relevant for wireless models. Or in cases where the sound goes through a lot of processing on the fly. The video below will reveal the out of sync of the picture and sound, if any.

How to check headphones for performance?

The easiest way to check the performance of the headphones is to use the video from the first paragraph and the test tracks from the second. It will immediately be clear not only whether the headphones work or not, but if something is wrong, then what.

How to check the headphone volume?

If the headphones play loud enough to make listening comfortable (even when you want to turn up the volume for a while), then there’s nothing to check. But if they “play” quietly, then it is worth looking at their resistance, if the model is wired. For portable sources without a separate amplifier, resistance up to 64 ohms is best suited. If it is larger, then it is necessary to find a more powerful source.