Use this online test tool to check if your web camera is working well and set properly!

Welcome to web-camera testing online service, which automatically connects to your webcam to test if it is working.
Test my Cam is easy and simple to use!

  1. Click “Capture Video”: To Activate Your Webcam.
  2. Make sure another program isn’t using your webcam.
  3. Close any other programs that might be using your webcam and try again.

Does no test appear? Make sure you have given permissions to your webcam in your browser. Test works on Chrome, Mozilla & Safari. Internet Explorer is not suitable for this test.

Camera Troubleshooting Guide

  • Unblock camera and mic inputs: Google Chrome can be obstructing your camera and mic inputs. When a”broken camera” symbol appears in the close of the browser’s address bar, click it to handle permissions.
  • Grant your browser consent to get mic and camera: Some operating procedures (as an instance, the Mojave edition of MacOS), need you to give a browser access for a camera and mic. These modifications are created on your pc’s system configurations.
  • Assess your external mic or camera apparatus (if appropriate ): It is important to know if a camera and mic works across various software.
  • Firewalls and company systems: Should you work for a business which employs a firewall or other system settings across corporate servers and apparatus, accessibility into the camera or mic access might be blocked . Check with your business’s IT or safety team to know whether a firewall or inner system setting is preventing usage of your own camera or mic.
  • Re-install your browser entirely: This also makes sure that the browser remains clean and settings are refreshed. Your browser must recognize the webcam can be obtained if there were motorist link issues.