Microphone test

Please allow the use of your microphone

How to run this microphone test?

To start – allow the use of your microphone in the pop-up browser window. After that the test should start! Try to say something or make any noise to see the sound waves are drawn in the test field.

How to check the microphone locally on your computer?

To set up the microphone, connect it to the computer – on the sound card, the microphone jack is in the usual pink color. Often there is a microphone icon or the inscription “Line In”.

If you use Windows, open the “Control Panel” through the “Start” menu. Go to the “Sound” section. If necessary, you can use the search in the upper right corner of the “Control Panel”.

Go to the “Record” tab. Connected microphones are displayed here (if more than one device with a microphone is connected to the computer). Click on the icon with the desired microphone.

If the built-in microphone does not appear in this menu, make sure that there is a sound card driver on your computer and that they are installed correctly.